Hitting Trainers and Baseball Hitting Tools – The Ultimate Guide

Choosing the best baseball hitting trainers aimed towards your specific needs, skill level, and goals can be a daunting task. There’s no shortage of hitting tools and gadgets on the market. It’s hard to distinguish the gimmicks from the baseball swing trainers that get true results. We’re here to help! This comprehensive hitting training guide will help you navigate and select the perfect hitting aid or swing trainer that’s right for you.

Baseball hitting aids are not always one-size-fits-all. There’s a myriad of options from the original hitting aid, the rubber tee, to cutting-edge digital swing analyzers. Some batting trainers can help increase power and build muscle memory, and others provide feedback on your swing. With the right hitting aids, along with practice and dedication, batters will have the best success in the batter’s box.

In this list, we’ll eliminate the guesswork and break down the best hitting trainers available for improving your swing in 2020.

Top 5 Hitting Trainers in 2020

Best Baseball Hitting Training For Launch Angle

#5. Line Drive Pro Hitting Trainers ProBundle
Price: $$

The LDPT ProBundle is the best value. It includes all the Line Drive Pro components in one discounted package. The hitting trainer bundle includes the 4ft x 4ft hitting target, 6 practice balls, and 1 Line Drive Pro Baseball Swing Trainer.

With the complete Line Drive Pro kit, you can compete in swing path and launch angle drills that are so fun, you won’t want to put the bat down. If a training aid can be incorporated into baseball drills for kids, younger athletes will be inclined to practice more. A big reason why Line Drive Pro is the most popular youth hitting aid on the market.

Challenge an opponent to see who can score all the points on the target first. Or challenge yourself to solo target practice.

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Best Baseball Hitting Trainers For Bat Speed

#4. Hand Speed Batting Trainers
Price: $$$

The Hand Speed Trainers are a great addition to any batting practice routine. Simply slide the neoprene sleeves over the wrist and add the desired weights to the forearm. The weighted swing trainer is designed to be used at full speed while hitting or in batting practice. Once removed, the body utilizes the muscle memory developed over time to produce increasingly faster bat speed.

Training with the Hand Speed Trainer™ weighted arm sleeves on conditions the body to create new neuromuscular connections that enable it to function at faster speeds during the game through functional resistance. HST™ Baseball Swing Trainers deliver increased bat speed without negatively impacting swing mechanics. This is because the resistance is on the body (not the equipment) and is only in oz. (not lbs). Weight can be added in 4 oz. increments (up to 24 oz.) for a safe and effective training program customized to athletes of all ages and skill levels.

With a training program like this available, who would even consider using traditional weighted bat trainers that could hinder proper swing mechanics?

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Best Hitting Trainer For Generating Power w/ Lower Half

#3. King of The Swing Hitting Trainers
Price: $$$$

The King of The Swing Hitting Trainer focuses on engaging the lower half of the body to generate power up through the kinetic chain. The swing starts from the ground up and this is a great hitting tool that offers instant audible feedback on swing mechanics. It improves your swing by maximizing directional force. It’s also great for any age and any skill level. The King of Swing trainer emphasizes proper lower-half mechanics which, in turn, will deliver increased bat speed – a must for making solid contact.

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Best Youth Hitting Aid

#2. Line Drive Pro Hitting Target / Net
Price: $

The Line Drive Pro Hitting Target takes the conventional hitting net to another level. Hitters can work on launch angle while trying to hit the designated “bullseye” on the durable vinyl hitting target using the swing trainer. The target provides a visual to aim for about 30-50 feet away, and the point system makes things fun! It’s portable, easy to set up, lightweight, and comes with all the hardware you need to hang it. It’s easy to store and great for the backyard or basement where space may be limited. Check out 3 fun kids baseball drills to see how it works.

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Best Hitting Trainers For Swing Path

#1. Line Drive Pro Swing Trainer
Price: $$

This baseball hitting aid is in a league of its own when it comes to instant feedback – a crucial element for improving hitting mechanics. This product really drives home swing mechanics, proper launch angle, and teaching the proper path to the ball. The Line Drive Pro is excellent for hitters of all skill levels. It’s especially helpful for young players starting out. The batting trainer easily attaches to any size bat. It’s small and lightweight so you can train anywhere. It’s perfect for honing in your swing path before the game or dialing in your swing during the off-season.

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Hitting Trainers Can Be Combined For Optimal Results

Not all hitting trainers facilitate proper mechanics, provide instant feedback on every swing or build positive muscle memory with each rep. Only a select group of hitting aids on the market can offer extraordinary benefits like these. Gaining insight and feedback from using multiple hitting tools at once essentially doubles the effectiveness of training. Overall, it ensures you’re practicing proper baseball swing mechanics while strengthening other areas of your swing. Each component of the swing is just as important as the next.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can use the leading baseball swing trainers together to realize unmatched results.

Line Drive Pro Swing Trainer x Hitting Target

The Line Drive Pro Hitting Target used with the Line Drive Pro Swing Trainer can really be the catalyst to a fine-tuned, well-balanced swing at an early age. Players can challenge themselves to dial their swing in by selecting targets or points identified on the durable 4ft x 4ft vinyl hitting net. Consistently hitting the ball at specified targets while using the Line Drive Pro Trainer is the best way to develop the correct swing path and launch angle when you’re not at the batting cage. You’ll enjoy a variety of proper swing plane drills that are just as effective as they are fun. Combine these two training aids for a competitive game that will hold a young player’s attention for hours.

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King of The Swing Hitting Trainer x Line Drive Pro Swing Trainer

Another exceptional baseball hitting aid combo is the King of The Swing Hitting Trainer and The Line Drive Pro Swing Trainer. The instant audible feedback from the King of The Swing quickly demonstrates whether or not a player is engaging their lower half to generate power. You will instantly know if you’re turning the lower body correctly and translating that energy at contact. Training with The King Of The Swing will yield higher velocities and bat speeds. When coupled with a swing trainer that focuses on bat path, you’ll be a complete, well-rounded hitter in no time.

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Line Drive Pro Swing Trainer x Hand Speed Batting Trainers

Perhaps one of the best performance-enhancing combos is the Line Drive Pro Swing Trainer and the Hand Speed Baseball Trainer. Not only do players benefit from the instant feedback from Line Drive Pro Trainer, but they’re strengthening and cementing the correct swing path to muscle memory while also utilizing resistance training. Using these two hitting aids together allows players to take advantage of their training time anywhere. It’s like hitting the weight room and taking BP at the exact same time. Anywhere. Anytime.

These types of hitting drills help players create more velocity and power while also maintaining a correct swing path all the way through the hitting zone. When you have a connected swing, your hands stay tighter to the body through the turn and the barrel releases out in front. This allows you to carry through a larger hitting zone and allows for greater deviation on either side of timing. The barrel works to the front side of the zone and enters deep into the zone, stays in the zone, and accelerates through the front. This gives you the biggest window to make contact.

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Tips For Selecting The Best Hitting Trainers For Your Skill Level

    Is the training aid a good fit for my skill level?
    Does the hitting trainer provide some type of instant feedback on my swing?
    Can I take live swings and train using my own bat?
    Does the training equipment build positive muscle memory?

Baseball training aids that check all the boxes will get real results you can see and feel at the plate.

These 5 Hitting Trainers Help Create A Complete and Connected Baseball Swing

These 5 baseball hitting trainers can be used together to combine several aspects of an elite and complete hitter. Using the Line Drive Pro Swing Trainer in conjunction with the other hitting trainers will make your swing more connected, thus increasing turn speed, for instance. This translates to keeping the bat through the hitting zone longer.

There are 3 main pathways to the brain or types of learning; kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. This guide includes intuitive hitting tools that involve all of these. Each one is effective in its own way. You can maximize your training and shorten the learning curve by integrating all three styles into your batting routine, as a result.

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When used together, as part of a comprehensive hitting training program, you’re giving yourself the best opportunity to become a well-rounded, elite hitter. You’re working on proper swing path and barrel control, increasing bat speed and power, and building positive muscle memory, all while receiving valuable instant visual and auditory feedback.

Hitting a baseball is said to be one of the hardest feats in sports. Selecting the best baseball swing trainer shouldn’t be that hard. With the help of our Top Baseball Swing Trainers of 2020 Guide, you can feel confident purchasing a swing trainer that will help you achieve your goals of becoming a complete hitter who’s more consistent and powerful at the plate.


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