The great thing about the LineDrivePro Trainer is you’re taking swings with your regular game bat, so you’re practicing the swings that you need when it comes game time. The other great thing about this product is it gives you instant visual feedback on your swing. You’re going to remember that feel and your job as a hitter, when you’re practicing your swing, is to repeat the good ones and make small adjustments on the bad ones. That’s why this training tool is such a great tool; not only because you can do it anywhere, but because it gives you that instant visual feedback and you can really tighten up your swing very quickly with only a small amount of swings with this product. Be sure to add this to your training toolbox, because you’re going to need this one and you’re going to love this one!
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The LineDrivePro Trainer is the absolute best hitting device on the market. It provides immediate feedback and forces hitters to use the proper bat path in order to make the devices function properly. No matter the skill level of the batter, the LineDrivePro Trainer will help him or her advance to the next level.
Hitting Coach, Grand Canyon University
LineDrivePro really helped me focus on my swing mechanics, develop a more linear swing, and get my barrel working through the zone longer and that’s key to being able to hit the ball to all parts of the field, especially with power. You’re creating a bigger margin of error for yourself when your swing enters the zone early and stays long through the zone.
MLB All-Star
It’s a simple tool which kids enjoy. They have fun with it and in turn are getting better. It becomes a competition between the kids to see who can do it the best. No doubt we are better hitters because of the LineDrivePro Trainer.
It took me a bit to get it, but once I did I could feel the difference immediately. I take my LineDrivePro Trainer with me everywhere. Its quick, its easy and most of all I enjoy the results I get from the LDPT.
Minor League Baseball Player
If you’re looking to increase exit velocity, find your optimal launch angle, hit the ball to all sides of the field with power, and ruin a pitcher’s day, take advantage of this hitting trainer right now.
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After 2,445 hits in 16 Major League seasons, I feel like I know a thing or two about hitting and how to improve as a hitter. My friend and fellow former major leaguer, Jacob Cruz, introduced me to a unique and entertaining hitting device that I truly believe will make hitters of all ages and levels much more competitive and confident in the batters box. The LineDrivePro Trainer will undoubtedly make your son, daughter, or player significantly better after just 1 use and I’ll stake my reputation on it!
Chicago Cubs Legend
With the feedback I’ve received from our players and from what I’ve seen with my own eyes, the LineDrivePro Trainer is for real. The players say that they can really “feel” the correct swing when the ball flys in the proper direction. And conversely, when they do it wrong, they can feel that also. The best thing is you know the answer immediately. Instant feedback. That being said, I believe the LineDrivePro Trainer is an outstanding training tool and I’m very happy to have been introduced to it.
t’s part of my everyday routine. I use it every day before any BP. I look back at my swing before the LineDrivePro Trainer and can see how I didn’t keep the barrel in the zone very long. I feel very good about my swing now.
Minor League Baseball Player
The LineDriveProTrainer has taken my swing to the next level and helped me become one of the better hitters on my High School team. I use it every day as a quick reminder of where I want my swing before going into team practice.

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