Fun Baseball Drills For Kids
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3 Kids Baseball Drills That Are Fun to Practice Indoors

There is no better time for kids to be working on some fun baseball drills indoors. The current baseball season is winding down and next season is waiting in the batter’s box. Therefore, now is the perfect opportunity for youth players of all skill levels to continue working on consistent baseball swing mechanics by themselves at home.

A number of important hitting fundamentals can easily be practiced at home with a few simple baseball drills indoors or in the backyard.

All successful hitters and swing coaches agree that in order to have the best chance at making quality contact with the ball there are a few core components of the baseball swing that must be practiced repetitively:

  1. Proper control of the barrel of the bat. (Keeping the barrel of the bat through the hitting zone as long as possible)
  2. Optimal launch angle
  3. Good rotation of the body creating higher angular velocity or “turn speed”

When these components of the baseball swing are accomplished, the hitter’s giving themself the best opportunity to make contact with the baseball. Fortunately, for hitters of all skill levels and ages, these crucial parts of the baseball swing can be practiced and perfected with a few hitting drills at home.

Baseball drills for kids should focus on teaching the correct swing plane and bat path, but should also be fun. Here are 3 of the best baseball hitting drills for youngsters to practice at home that make learning these core fundamentals fun.

Drill #1: Youth Baseball Bat Path Drill

OBJECTIVE: Aim for A Large Target up The Middle 15-25 ft Away
Beginners should start with a simple drill first. After setting up a hitting net or target, attach the lightweight plastic cup to any bat with the velcro straps. Insert a standard tennis ball. The hitter should begin by taking normal swings. Start with trying to launch the ball straight up the middle. Launching a ball up the middle indicates they maintained the barrel through the hitting zone. Bat path is a very hard concept to learn without instant visual feedback.

Once they get the hang of that, set up a target that’s about 4 feet off the ground and 15-25 feet away. Aiming for a target using the swing trainer allows hitters to practice getting on plane with a pitch by visualizing as well as feeling the ball launch at a slightly upward trajectory or angle. When line drives are launched straight at the bullseye, the hitter knows their swing path is correct. And they know the barrel is staying long through the zone. Hitters struggling to get on plane with a pitch will benefit from self-teaching hitting aids like Line Drive Pro.

Drill #2: 500 Point Baseball Target Practice Hitting Drill

OBJECTIVE: First Player to Score 500 Points Wins
Use the LDPT Hitting Target to challenge opponents to a competitive game of point-play. Who will score 500 points first? Each hitter takes the same number of swings in each round. The first one to hit all the points wins. This is the most advanced drill for younger hitters. But without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable drills for kiddos to practice at home.

Drill #3: Indoor Batting Practice Warm-Up Drill

OBJECTIVE: BP Warm-up & Feel Proper Swing Mechanics
If you’re looking for a great indoor drill to get a feel for correct swing mechanics, mix in several sets of reps with the Line Drive Pro Trainer before other hitting drills. Use it as a warm-up drill or alternate between the swing trainer and soft toss, tee work, or batting practice. This reinforces positive muscle memory and increases the effectiveness of BP and live hitting drills. It’s also a great way to break up the monotony of batting practice and keep young ones engaged. The visual feedback allows the batter to make adjustments until the feel of a proper swing path is achieved.

These Top Baseball Drills for Kids Check the Following Boxes:


Make youth baseball drills fun. Kids can practice their swing, get in reps, and improve without even knowing it if it’s fun and holds their interest. If your child is not interested in and enjoying the drills, they will not want to continue. Within these drills, players can create their own games. They can either challenge themselves or friends/teammates using the point system. The more games you come up with to test the players’ learned skills, the more they will want to compete and advance. Simply put, kids will be more inclined to repeat a baseball drill if it’s enjoyable and fun. It’s even more important for younger kids because the easier it is to understand, and the more fun you make it, the more they’re willing to put in the work to get better/improve their swing.


All baseball drills should reinforce proper baseball swing mechanics and build positive muscle memory. Don’t practice bad habits. Having fun is a huge part of retaining your young slugger’s attention while practicing. However, if the drill is not reinforcing the above-mentioned hitting fundamentals and concepts of a proper swing then it will not be an effective drill or help with improvement.


Youth baseball drills should be practical and easy for both the coach/parent as well as the hitter to pick up. Little league coaches and parents do not hold PhDs in baseball swing mechanics. Baseball drills for kids need to provide instant and easy-to-decipher visual feedback. Easy-to-read visual feedback eliminates the confusion that may occur from different coaching techniques and/or verbiage. The more youth hitting drills can provide easy-to-understand feedback, the steeper the learning curve will be for youth hitters. Read more on why Baseball Hitting Aids Are The Best Coaches.


Drills must be easily practiced from home without a lot of space. With recent COVID-19 restrictions and weather changing, it’s more important than ever to find a way to practice by yourself in the comfort of your own home. Youth baseball drills shouldn’t require large expensive batting cages or access to a baseball field. With the Line Drive Pro Swing Trainer and a hitting net, players can easily get reps in anywhere, anytime using their own bat.


When all of the above-mentioned criteria is considered, one baseball training method stands out above the rest. And Baseball Made Fun agrees that the Line Drive Pro Trainer is one of the best hitting trainers for young players looking to fix swing flaws and improve their swing anywhere. Learning what proper swing mechanics feel like through fun drills at home is invaluable.

LineDrivePro hitting aids make baseball practice fun. The hitting target allows young players to challenge themselves or others to competitive games based on scoring points. Points are designated on the baseball hitting target and are scored like darts on a dartboard. These entertaining drills can be practiced from home, and stress the importance of barrel control through the hitting zone.

Not only are these competitive games within the drill fun, but they also reinforce the proper mechanics of a good baseball swing. Being able to integrate exciting games and competitive target practice drills indoors makes the LineDrivePro the best youth baseball training aid on the market.


When a hitter has proper control of the barrel of the bat, they are allowing it to stay in the hitting zone the longest amount of time possible. Learning this control is crucial to a young hitter’s swing, which translates to success at the plate early on. Once the muscle memory for barrel control and optimal bat path is attained, hitters can focus on hitting the ball where it’s pitched.

Youth Baseball Drills for Swing Plane

Just as important as building positive muscle memory, is the ability to receive instant visual feedback so your hitter can diagnose common swing flaws on their own. Line Drive Pro Trainer drills offer instant feedback on every swing. This makes self-improvement easy to grasp and enjoyable for kids of all ages.

Kids will instantly know if they kept their barrel through the zone and maintained a proper bat path based on where they launch the tennis balls.



Drills that are fun and don’t require a lot of space create a relaxed environment where kids can practice important fundamentals on their own without complex technology or intimidating coaching terminology. There is no need to head out to a baseball field or batting cage. No need for an expensive hitting instructor to work on your child’s swing when there are basic drills you can do with the LDPT ProBundle in your own backyard or basement.

By implementing an intuitive training aid that allows kids to bring fun baseball drills indoors, you’re giving them the opportunity to not only train more but also have more fun. Although it’s relatively simple to use, it’s extremely effective and has been backed up with scientific data. Youth training aids and hitting drills should be exciting and teach proper mechanics at the same time. Developing proper swing mechanics at an early age in a fun environment is the best approach to achieving future success at the plate.

If you’re looking to introduce your child to some new baseball drills, integrate target practice drills or point-based games that use LDPT Training Aids. Kids as well as MLB players can benefit from hitting aids that are easy to grasp and can be used indoors. It’s a great way to improve all aspects of swing mechanics and make baseball drills fun!

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