15 Aug 2019

Aristides Aquino Improves Swing Mechanics with Line Drive Pro Trainer on MLB Tonight

Cincinnati Reds outfielder, Aristides Aquino, is punishing baseballs and unless you’re a diehard fan, you probably haven’t heard the name until recently. Sports analysts have attributed his new stance and improved hitting mechanics to a number of factors, including his secret weapon / training tool—the LineDrivePro Trainer.

The Cincinnati Reds organization signed Aquino in 2011, and since then, he’s had his struggles, hitting for occasional power, but at a low contact rate.

Aquino was eventually invited to ML Spring Training, and that is where he met 1st-year assistant hitting coach Donnie Eckerd. They immediately went to work making changes to his stance and dedicating time to the swing path. At 6.7” Aquino is an intimidating figure in the batter’s box. His power has never been in question, but the rate at which those homeruns came throughout the minor leagues was of concern. With 28 homers in 78 games at the Triple-A level this year the Reds, who were looking to add more power to the lineup, eventually called up Aquino to Cincinnati.

Aquino’s new swing approach has paid dividends in the big leagues. Aquino has hit nine home runs in his first 14 big league games—an all-time MLB record. He recently hit homers in the second and third innings against Cubs pitcher Kyle Hendricks and again in the fourth against Dillon Maples. In another game against the Chicago Cubs, he crushed a homerun with an exit velocity of just over 118 miles per hour. This is the hardest hit baseball of any type for the Reds according to StatCast.


Reds Hitting Coach On Aristides Aquino Swing:

Donnie Ecker, Reds assistant hitting coach, said: “…it’s all about getting Aquino’s bat in the zone as long as possible and making the most efficient moves toward the ball that he can.”


Aquino used to be hunched more and his shoulders would move down toward the ball. By standing taller in his stance, he is more free and fluid in his swing through the zone, with his bat taking a slight upward angle, while still on plane with the pitch and in the hitting zone as long as possible.

The LineDrivePro Trainer is undoubtedly the best hitting tool for developing the barrel control necessary for hitting hard line drives and homeruns. Proper bat path through the strike zone allows for various points of contact, which helps the hitter impact the ball more consistently.

Using the hitting aid correctly forces the hitter to maintain the proper barrel position in the hitting zone to get the desired outcome of launching the ball back up the middle of the field. With continued use of the training tool in practice, muscle memory and proper “feel” of keeping the barrel in the hitting zone and on path are attained, and that translates to solid contact at the plate, and in this case, record-breaking home runs.

Ecker and Aquino work with the LineDrivePro baseball swing trainer ahead of games to remind him where his swing needs to be. His new stance at the plate may look unique, but the philosophy of optimal swing path and keeping the bat in the zone as long as possible is something we’ve heard over and over again regarding players tweaking their swings in the era of the launch angle, and clearly, it’s working for him too. The correct angle at which the bat enters the zone is crucial to consistent and solid contact and using the swing trainer on your own bat with our Hitting Target will help players at any level quickly see results.

This simple hitting aid is so effective at giving players results in the game, MLB Tonight recently broke down how pros like Aristides Aquino are using LineDrivePro Trainer to improve their swing path and mechanics. The LineDrivePro Trainer is the best hitting aid for developing a hitter’s feel for the proper swing path like Aristides Aquino, and the analysts on MLB Tonight, couldn’t agree more.

Helping young players understand barrel length through the hitting zone at an early age is crucial in their development. With continued use, hitters will impact the ball harder and more consistently.


08 Nov 2018

GIVEAWAY: Enter To Win A Signed Javier Báez Baseball

Every year, around this time, we all stop to give thanks for the many wonderful things we have been blessed with… loved ones, our health, and BASEBALL! This Thanksgiving season, the team at LineDrivePro is especially thankful for athletes and coaches, making the sport and path to improvement fun, just like you!

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24 Jun 2016
09 May 2015

Mental Toughness and Sports Psychology in Baseball and Softball

The training doesn’t stop at the plate

In a game where great hitters fail at a rate of 70 percent, perseverance is as important as baseball swing mechanics, bat speed, and physical strength. Mental toughness is having the capacity to press on through difficult situations while remaining confident. The process of developing mental toughness begins with adopting a can-do attitude. It is training that voice in your head to tell you to keep pushing, you got this, the next pitch is yours, even after watching 2 strikes fly by. The best way to achieve this level of inner confidence is to put in work before stepping up to the plate. Practicing with a baseball hitting aid like the LineDrivePro Trainer introduces the techniques of visualization and pre-performance routine. According to former MLB Player Dmitri Young; “The LineDrivePro Trainer truly reminds the hitter to have a consistent swing path and to work on visualizing the contact point.” Visualization decreases stress and puts you where you need to be mentally when it comes time to execute on the field. Plus, concentrating on the routine you developed while using  baseball hitting trainers can help you be less distracted by the many uncontrollable factors of the game. It is this zen-like focus that you want to have while walking slowly to the plate. Just remember to breathe and keep the routine going.

Positivity, confidence, and focus. . .all that is left is not to worry about the outcome of your at-bat. Yes, this is absolutely easier said than done. However, if you can become comfortable with an uncomfortable result like striking out and can accept failure as an inevitable part of baseball then you will be more likely to bounce back from small defeats. Be resilient, celebrate your accomplishments, recognize opportunities for improvement, and know that your capabilities are not predetermined or limited. Effort creates success so get out there and PLAY HARD, PLAY SMART! Click Here to see how the LineDrivePro Softball & Baseball Swing Trainer works.

30 Mar 2015

Ex-MLB Star J.R. House Reviews The LineDrivePro Trainer

Ex-MLB catcher, J.R. House, reviews the LineDrivePro Trainer after using the baseball swing trainer for the first time. House was drafted in the 5th round and played for the Pittsburgh Pirates (2003-2004), Houston Astros (2006) Baltimore Orioles (2007), and Houston Astros (2008) during his career. Find out why he loved the product in this video review. Click the link for more info on selecting the best baseball hitting trainers for your swing.

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