Mental toughness training sports

Mental Toughness and Sports Psychology in Baseball and Softball

The training doesn’t stop at the plate

In a game where great hitters fail at a rate of 70 percent, perseverance is as important as baseball swing mechanics, bat speed, and physical strength. Mental toughness is having the capacity to press on through difficult situations while remaining confident. The process of developing mental toughness begins with adopting a can-do attitude. It is training that voice in your head to tell you to keep pushing, you got this, the next pitch is yours, even after watching 2 strikes fly by. The best way to achieve this level of inner confidence is to put in work before stepping up to the plate. Practicing with a baseball hitting aid like the LineDrivePro Trainer introduces the techniques of visualization and pre-performance routine. According to former MLB Player Dmitri Young; “The LineDrivePro Trainer truly reminds the hitter to have a consistent swing path and to work on visualizing the contact point.” Visualization decreases stress and puts you where you need to be mentally when it comes time to execute on the field. Plus, concentrating on the routine you developed while using  baseball hitting trainers can help you be less distracted by the many uncontrollable factors of the game. It is this zen-like focus that you want to have while walking slowly to the plate. Just remember to breathe and keep the routine going.

Positivity, confidence, and focus. . .all that is left is not to worry about the outcome of your at-bat. Yes, this is absolutely easier said than done. However, if you can become comfortable with an uncomfortable result like striking out and can accept failure as an inevitable part of baseball then you will be more likely to bounce back from small defeats. Be resilient, celebrate your accomplishments, recognize opportunities for improvement, and know that your capabilities are not predetermined or limited. Effort creates success so get out there and PLAY HARD, PLAY SMART! Click Here to see how the LineDrivePro Softball & Baseball Swing Trainer works.

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