Developed By MLB Star and Hitting Coach Jacob Cruz

MLB baseball star and professional hitting coach Jacob Cruz developed this revolutionary baseball swing trainer to provide a way for his players to get instant feedback and see when they are not swinging through the hitting zone properly.

The LineDrivePro Trainer is one of the best baseball hitting aids on the market because it was invented by a career MLB player who knows first-hand the work that goes into developing the proper swing. As a utility player there is a lot that Jacob Cruz did well but hitting is what he did best. Not every professional player can say that his first career hit was a homerun. That homerun was one of many great drives Cruz had during his 9-year major league career, which he simply attributes to good baseball swing mechanics.

Jacob Cruz was drafted first round by the Giants organization and was the first of his draft class to reach the majors where he would go on to be consistent at the plate for 5 MLB teams. Jacob Cruz finished his playing career strong leading the MLB with 20 pinch hits in his final season, which was a new record for the Cincinnati Reds.

Improve Bat Speed while Improving Swing Mechanics

The LineDrivePro Trainer helps you increase bat speed while you improve on swing mechanics. Keep these objective in mind to gain results from repeated use of The LineDrivePro Trainer.

  • With the LDPT attached, hitters of all skill level will receive instant feedback from the ball trajectory.
  • Begin with launching balls up the middle, towards the pitcher.
  • With continued repetition the hitter should begin to feel the hands work longer through the zone as he/she consistently fires ball back toward the pitcher.
  • After obtaining “barrel control”, the hitter can work on firing balls to right field, left field and back up the middle again.
  • Proper bat path through the strike zone allows for various point of contact, which helps the hitter impact the ball more consistently. Using the LDPT
  • correctly, forces the hitter to maintain the barrel in the zone to get the desired outcome.
  • With continued use of the LDPT, muscle memory and proper “feel” of keeping the barrel in the zone are attained.

Ready to Launch Line Drives Like a Pro?